Work Guaranteed 
  • Pool shed or cabana removal. All types and sizes.
  • Remove tennis courts
  • Remove decks, patios, driveways and walks
  • ​An owner will be on site at all times if desired

We at All Pool Demolition do not accept deposits.  You should never pay a deposit for demolition work when nothing has been purchased ahead of time by the contactor in preparation for the job.

"At Times We FLY For Our Customers"

Free Estimates
Case loader hauling dirt during pool demolition
  • Remove pool decks
  • Partial pool removal
  • Drainage Work

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Fully Insured 

We own all our equipment no subcontractors. No Subcontractors for any aspect of pool removal


Our Service for in ground pools is a complete package including:

Free telephone discussion
Free inspection by satellite photos

Free inspection and evaluation - if required
Free planning and estimating
Free written quote and explanation
Detailed contract with fixed prices - No Deposit
Flexible starting date

Notification to state and county Department of Environmental Protection
Notification to dig number and clearance
Permits and applications prepared for submittal by customer
Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced or disposed of
Pool pumped out

Removal of all pool equipment: metal, wood and plastic, from site
All concrete broken to 8" x 8" , or crushed to 4”, and placed in pool hole or hauled away, depending on municipality requirements

Inspection by local building department
Pool hole filled with soil from a new home dig site (No waste or soil from commercial sites)

Area compacted and rough graded
Graded to proper elevation
Written watering instructions provided
Sub soil raked again
Screened top soil applied

Graded and raked again
Seed and penn mulch applied
All disturbed areas repaired with topsoil seed and penn mulch
Work guaranteed 

* One of our owners or family members will meet with you to discuss and plan the removal of your pool.
* All work done in compliance with Department of Environmental Protection regulations.
* We own all of our equipment, it is small, but powerful.  Designed to work in backyards without damage to other areas.

*  An owner will be on site at all times if desired.

Our service for removal of above ground pools is much simpler:

We evaluate your job over the telephone
Site inspection via satellite
Free written quote with fixed work date
Pool pumped out
Removal of pool, deck and equipment
Filling of concave hole under pool, if required
Removal of sand under pool, if required
Application of topsoil, if required
Loosening of soil, seeding and application of penn mulch, if desired by owner

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  • Remove concrete and tie walls
  • Remove wood decks
  • Remove tree and shrubs